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It is well accepted that molecular profiling of cellular proteins or nucleic acids can offer answers to cources of diseases and underlined connections of pathogenic molecules, and thus, pointing out therapeutic targets. However, protein profiling, especially at the cellular level of protein profiling has been challenging. There is only limited choices to allow systematic investigation of cellular protein activities, such as their responses, i.e., sensitive, responsive or nonreponsive or resistant, to therapeutic. This presentation reports peptide microarray chip(PepArray) technology developed as a powerful molecular tool for proteomic profiling of Cellular Signaling Proteins(CSPs) to interrogate CSP variants in pancreatic cancer induced by treatment of a new generation of anti-cancer therapies, i.e., tyrosine kinase therapeutics(TKIs).

Download the poster.

Figure: development of uPepArray as a powerful molecular tool for proteomic profiling of cellular signaling proteins(CSP) of pancreatic cancer, interrogate CSP variants induced by the treatments of tyrosine kinase inhibitors(TKIs).


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