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None of the experiments described herein would be possible without using informatic tools, which are software and databases for information storage, organization, and retrieving. The immense amount of information on nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, drug molecules, their interactions, and overall biological systems can only be effectively used with the assistance of computational tools. Our laboratory has developed a suit of tools for:

  • microarray data processing
  • microarray real time data processing and plotting
  • high throughput (batch jobs) sequence analysis of oligonucleotides (thermodynamics, composition, intrastrand and interstrand cross-interactions)
  • sequence designs for gene synthesis (collaboration with E. Gulari and J. M. Rouillard at U. of Michigan)
  • peptide designs for microarray synthesis (pepCyber project)
  • writers for oligonucleotides and peptide sequences of userís design
  • chemical shift correlated protein database (over 2,200 proteins at year 2004) (CSCPDB)


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