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          Genomics and Proteomics Links

Online Bioinformatics Resources Collection

ACT (DNA sequence comparison)

ASAP (alternative spliced isoforms)

BDGP (promoter finder)

BLAST (broad multi-site nucleic acid searches)

BindGene (DNA binding sites)

BioProspector (discovering DNA regulatory regions)

ClustalW Format Conversion

COGS (Clusters of Orthologous Groups of proteins)

CPGREPORT (CpG island analysis)

DARWIN (DNA/Protein sequence analysis and retrieval)

DNASIS GeneIndex (automated database searches)

DnaSP (sequence polymorphism)

Dragon ERE Finder (estrogen response element identification)

Enhancer Finder

Entrez Cross Database Searcher

FootPrinter (regulatory element ID)

GEMS Launcher (promoter analysis)

JOY (protein sequence alignments)

MATCH (transcription factor search of DNA)

MatInspector (regulatory element identification)

Multiple Sequence Alignment (many options)

MVIEW (multiple alignment viewer)

OTFBS (transcription factor binding site ID)

Pairwise Sequence Alignment (many options)

PatternHunter (homology searcher)

PROSCAN (promoter identification)

RepeatFinder (repeated sequence finder)

Seqware DataCenter (sequence searches)

SeWeR (SEquence analysis using WEb Resources)

SiteSeer (transcription factor binding identification)

SpliceNest (alternate splicing)


StarBlast (database searches)

TFSCAN (transcription factor search of DNA)

TFSEARCH (transcription factor binding sites)

Tmap (Multiple Sequence Alignments

    Courtesy : Genetic Engineering News (Vol 25, No. 16, Sep 15, 2005 page 37)


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